Brenziner Method

Over the course of this summer I have tried practicing different photography techniques and the one that stuck out the most was the Brenziner Method (or panorama). Here’s how it’s done: I set up my camera (Canon 7D) on a tripod with a fixed 50mm lens at f/1.2. I then focused on one part of the image that would be the sharpest, in this case it was the basket. I then proceeded to take multiple photographs (approximately 20 total) and combined them in Photoshop using a panoramic stitch. The effect comes out looking like the image was taken using a medium format camera. The only problem I encountered with this was because I used so many pictures to make this one it took a long time for Photoshop to stitch this together. Next time around I will not take as many pictures, keeping it at 4-8 total. It also took a lot of practice to get this right, it is easy to get inconsistent images (as far as some brighter and some darker images) which you can try to fix on camera while your shooting and also post-process.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 4